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Dive right into a sample dataset and experience Fetchr's intuitive UX first-hand.

Click the Fetchr logo at the bottom right of your screen and try asking, 
"What are the top 10 products by revenue?"
Demo dataset

The demo runs on data from a fictitious retail company selling products across 47 categories. The company has 50 customers, a 28 member sales team, and 367 stores across the United States. The sample dataset has 7,991 orders placed between June 2018 and Dec 2020.


For a detailed view of the dataset, please click here.

How to use the demo

Click on the Fetchr icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.


Type your question in the text box, click send and get data in seconds.


Not sure what to ask fetchr? Explore questions below from employees at our fictional retail business. 

Sample Questions

Questions from employees at our fictional retail business illustrate how Fetchr can be used across your organisation from sales, to marketing, to executive teams.

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