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Accessing data should be as easy as texting a friend.

Onboard our chat messenger on your company data. Our advanced AI helps employees find the data they need within seconds.

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Building a data-driven culture starts with providing easy access to data.

A Deloitte study found 67% of managers and executives are not comfortable accessing or using data from analytics tools.


Fetchr provides a simple natural language interface for employees to ask questions and receive data.  

Fetchr Capabilities

Enable intuitive and immediate access to your company data without compromising security. Use Fetchr no matter what your data is or where it resides.


Instant access

Eliminate wait times for business data and reduce demand on your analytics team. Provide employees with easy and direct access 

Infrastructure agnostic

Fetchr can work with data stored on leading cloud providers including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Conversational experience

No user training required. Fetchr uses natural language processing to understand employee requests and retrieve highly accurate results

Supports complex data architectures

We can onboard any schema you have, however complex and large


Data storage and retrieval happens on your cloud infrastructure. Fetchr executes queries without making copies of your data or storing query results

Measure usage and improve accuracy

Use our monthly reports to identify usage trends and fine-tune Fetchr's model to improve accuracy of results for your business

See what you can do with Fetchr

Learn how professionals in a retail business use Fetchr to access the data they need. Try our demo on a fictitious dataset and reimagine business intelligence for your company.


No restrictive licenses, no limits on usage, no commitments. Only pay for what you use.


Contact us for an initial assessment and transform how your employees work with data.

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